Everplay 1.5

Lightweight audio and video player supporting Last.fm

If you're looking for a lightweight alternative to iTunes, then Everplay may fit the bill. View full description


  • Integration with Last.fm
  • Very lightweight
  • Keyboard shortcuts


  • Few features compared to iTunes
  • Doesn't show playlist by default
  • Doesn't retrieve Last.fm coverart

Very good

If you're looking for a lightweight alternative to iTunes, then Everplay may fit the bill.

Although it's not half as feature filled as iTunes, it is very light on resources and merges your iTunes library with Last.fm web and online radio services. It's particularly good for those who use Last.fm as it scrobbles music to Last.fm servers.

Browsing through albums is like iTunes thanks to integration with Cover Flow. Everplay can play videos and you can control playback be defining hotkeys. Everplay also works with your Apple Remote and has a special Jukebox, Similar Artists and Full Screen mode which are ideal for parties.

Of course, there are far fewer features in Everplay than iTunes. For example, there's no online purchasing, album covers can't be retrieved from Last.fm and for some annoying reason, the entire playlist doesn't appear by default.

Overall however, Everplay is a refreshing change from bloated media players and is ideal for LAst.fm listeners that want a basic but elegant media player.


  • User playlists are displayed in new list mode.
  • Flip open drawer to see song queue. Add, delete and rearrange upcoming songs. Drag and drop supported.
  • New full screen mode with complete player control
  • Party Lock: full screen option to turn Everplay into a real jukebox.
  • Search field supports advanced yet easy-to-use Regex queries. See Help for syntax.
  • Improved graphical user interface with a slightly darker touch and iTunes-like scrollbars
  • Supports track rating
  • Supports editing track metadata (title, album, artist, etc)
  • Supports lyrics. Lyrics are fetched from Chartlyrics.com. Options to correct and add lyrics to the database. Options to google lyrics and add lyrics to iTunes.


Everplay 1.5